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I often wonder what professions the kids will choose when they grow up.  I thought I had Parker pegged.  He is a real dare-devil.  He likes to climb to the tops of trees, do "tricks" on his bike (which still has training wheels on it, mind you), walk across the tops of monkey bars, etc.  He always tells me not to worry, because he is a "professional."  Yeah.

Given his interests and coordination, I daydream about his future as a snowboarder, gymnast, and so on.  However, the other day, I decided perhaps I had pigeon-holed him and needed to reconsider his options...

With Jack on my hip I entered Parker's room and encouraged him to change his clothes so we could go out.  He was wearing his favorite [ratty] orange shorts.  He knows that he must change into pants when we go out, given the fact that it is fall (and thank goodness, too cold to wear those grimy things outdoors). 

Parker dropped the shorts, revealing the fact he decided to go "komodo" [commando] today.  He began to dance around, naked.  He was very amused at his, er, anatomy.

"Hey mom!" he exclaimed, "How 'bout you tell Jack one day when he grows up, he'll have big private parts like this."  [More gyrations]  Clearly this child does not have a confidence problem.

I quickly turned away to shield Jack from the display.  Aw, who am I kidding?  Jack is 3 months old.  He doesn't have a clue.  I turned away so Parker wouldn't see me cracking up.

Stifling a chuckle, I repeated, "Yeah Jack, one day you'll have big private parts, too."

Parker prattled on happily to himself as he pulled up his underwear, "Yeah, and everyone will say, 'Wow!  Look at those big private parts!"

Who is everyone and why are they all admiring his private parts? I wondered to myself.  That's when it hit me.  The career option I had ignored thus far: adult entertainer.  His dad will be so proud... 

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  1. omg... I HAD to read this to Brian because I knew he would LOVE it...:)