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My Sweetie

My Maddie girl just captures my heart...

All Better
I have been pre-training for my marathon training.  I am wayyy out of shape.  Even when I'm in shape, I have a very high heart rate when I run.  It's usually around 180.  I have a healthy glow long after I've stepped off the treadmill [read: I look like I'm about to die for a good half hour].  The other day, I finished my run and rushed home from the gym so Aaron could leave for an appointment.  I had no time during which to cool down.  When I arrived, the kids looked up, alarmed.  "Mommy!  What's wrong?" Maddie demanded, concern furrowing her little brow.  I smiled and huff and puffed, "Mommy's okay.  I just went for a run.  I just need to cool down."  As I sat to stretch on the floor, Maddie walked over and took my face in her tiny hands.  With eyes halfway shut, she gently kissed my cheek, forehead, other cheek and lips.  "All better?" she asked.  More than better.  Perfect!

Forever and Good
The kids love absolutes.  I think it helps them make sense of the world.  No, the ladybug will not come back to life; she is dead forever.  Permanent marker on clothes will be there for good.  Daddy will always come home from work. 
The kids like to combine phrases at times, and when they want to emphasize the finality of something, they will often say "forever and good."  For example, today Maddie told Parker he could have her Barbie doll "forever and good."  Parker declined.  Then Maddie extended the ultimate olive branch: "I want to watch whatever Buddy wants to watch for my show [cartoon]."  What a sweetie!

Awesome Christmas
We made iced sugar cookies today.  I allowed the kids to choose their own and decorate them.  What masterpieces they created!  Icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, sprees, you name it.  As Maddie sat, happily licking her fingers, she sighed contentedly, "This is a great Cwismas, is it Buddy?"  Parker responded, "It's awesome." 
"Yeah, this is an awthum Cwismas."

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