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Baby Mine

Dear Jack,

Though you are only five months old, it feels like you've been a part of our family forever.  You love to watch your brother and sister chase each other and eagerly kick your feet as if you'd like to join in the fun.  You are extremely ticklish and love it when I nibble your little toes.  You have started eating baby oatmeal.  We tried the rice cereal, but you broke out all over, and when daddy accidentally got some peanut butter on your little foot, it was immediately covered in blisters.  Looks like you have your sister's allergies.  No worries, little guy.  We know what to do this time around.

You are such a joy!  Everything I do with you is enjoyable.  Diaper changes become giggle-fests.  Often when I'm feeding you, milk spills from your little mouth because you can't stop smiling.  You play contentedly in the Exersaucer while I clean the kitchen and roll around on your back while I fold laundry.  Most times you don't even cry when I lay you down to sleep.  If I happen to peek over the side of the crib, there you are, smiling up at me. 

Your brother and sister love you so much!  We often have to remind them to hug you gently, as they would literally love you to pieces if they could.  Maddie loves to give you a bath and zip up your pajamas.  Parker loves to make you giggle with his silly faces and is willing to share even his most treasured possessions (transformers).

Your dad and I shake our heads at how wonderful you are.  I love your chunky little thighs, your fuzzy hair, your toothless grin.  I love how you quickly open and close your chubby fingers around my arm, grasping tightly.  I love the way you open your mouth wide when I come in for a kiss, as if you would eat my face right off if you could.  I love how you ride quietly in the van, even with all the chaos surrounding you. 

I just love you.

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