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(This post is a little out of order...I wrote it about 2 weeks ago.)

We've spent the last few days indoors.  It's sunny and gorgeous, but we are inside due to the severity of Jack's rash (see below).

Poor little guy!  The doctor thinks it's an allergic reaction to the penicillin he was given for his ear infection last week.  He just can't catch a break.  Luckily, it doesn't seem to bother him.  However, it really flares up in the heat.

Of course I allow Parker and Maddie to run around outside, but it never lasts long.
"Mommy, come out and push us [on the swing]!"
"Mommy, can you play wif us and chase us outside?"
"MOMMA!  Just put Jack down for a nap!"

I've been trying to figure out some indoor actives that would satisfy all three kids.  Today we went to the Louisville Science Center with Pappy [Aaron's dad].  It was super-fun!  However, even with the help of another adult, it was pretty exhausting. 

We planned our day just so.  Packing baby food, scheduling our departure for just after Jack's morning nap (which, of course, he decided to skip this morning).  We met Pappy at the entrance and utilized our grandparent pass and Imax coupons [double score for this momma who absolutely sucks at couponing].  After one hour of play it was time to schlep everyone to the adjoining Subway for lunch so Parker and Pappy would have time to eat before their 1PM Imax show.  As the kids ate, I ran two blocks to feed the parking meter with the change I got at lunch.  Running back, I scarfed down my sub and then played with Maddie and Jack in the Kid Zone until Parker and Pappy were finished.  Then we played for another half hour or so, and it was time to head home.

As I drove home I reflected on our day thus far.  I was so pleased with our morning!  How wonderful to live in town and have the help of a fabulous grandpa!  Even with all the planning and running, it was a really good time.  I was also really looking forward to our afternoon.  Quiet time for Parker and Maddie, nap for Jack, nap for me...

Then I noticed the silence.  Oh. no.  No! No! NO!  Don't sleep in the van!  C'mon!  I looked in the rear view mirror.  Maddie's eyes were fluttering, and she was rubbing her favorite blanket against her lips.  Parker was zoned out.  Jack's seat doesn't face me.

"Maddie?  Maddie!  Honey, is Jack awake?" trying to keep the frantic edge out of my voice.

"No, Momma.  He's asweep." 

I sighed and tried to maintain my positive attitude.  Okay, so what?  He missed his morning nap.  I'll just put him down right when we get home.  [How many moms out there are already laughing because you know the punch line?]

"Alright guys, listen up.  When we get home, we are going right up to quiet time.  We will get to watch an afternoon show when quiet time is over, but Jack is going to take a nap right away, so I need you to go up the stairs very quietly.  K?"

"Okay mommy."

Then, as it always does, something magical happened when we crossed the threshold of our home: instant amnesia and energy.  Everyone's eyes brightened, all traces of sleepiness gone.  Jack lifted his head from my shoulder and smiled.  The questions began: "Mommy, want to come up to my room and play wif me?  Mommy, can we watch a show? Mommy, can we have a dwink?"

I continued to talk in hushed tones (or perhaps it would be more accurate to say I hissed), "Go upstairs.  Quiet time.  Right. Now."

I took a wide-eyed Jack to his room, placed him in his crib, and tiptoed out.  "WAHHHHHH!"  I tiptoed back in, patted him gently, and whispered, "It's naptime.  Time to go night-night.  Time for sleepy time...[Don't you speak English?  How are you not tired yet, demon child...um, angel?]"

I tiptoed out again and stood with my head against his closed door.  I could hear him playing in his crib.  "Bwahb, bwahb, duh dud duh!"  I knew he wasn't going to sleep.  However, I knew that if I wanted to survive until Aaron got home I would have to.

I went downstairs, closed myself in my room, shut the curtains and lay in bed.  "Bwahb!  Bwahb! BWAHB!"  I reached for the noise-cancelling headphones.  (I think Aaron uses them for shooting.) 

Ahhhh....Suddenly there was silence.  I set the bedside alarm for 15 minutes. 

BEEP! BEEP!  BEEP!  I sat up, confused.  Where was that light coming from?  Who was that?  A tall figure was illuminated in the doorway.  I quickly slammed my hand down on the alarm, ripped off the headphones, and squinted to see a very puzzled looking Aaron staring at me.  He had his head tilted toward the stairs (where one could hear children playing rather loudly and a baby who sounded like he might just cry at any moment).

Caught!  "What are you doing home?"  "Wait, honey, let me explain!"  Aaron came home early, and here I was, taking a nap (with headphones on, no less) while our three children fended for themselves upstairs.  The scene could not have been more damning...well, I guess I could have been noshing some bon-bons and watching a soap opera.

I hopped out of bed.  I tried to explain that yes, I did use his headphones during quiet time on occasion because we have hardwood floors and Parker and Maddie don't quite grasp the whole "quiet" time concept, but I only used them when Jack was napping...except for today, of course.

As he climbed the stairs to fetch our now-crying baby, I continued my defense.  I outlined our busy day and explained that Jack napped in the van and hadn't taken a morning nap, and I promise I don't just throw him in his crib and sleep for hours. I...I...

"Sure, sure."  Aaron gave me a teasing smile and a hug. 

I still can't figure out if he believes me.

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  1. Most likely its not an allergy, but simply a Maculo-papular rash (common with amoxicillin, especially in children)see link: http://www.drugsdb.com/rx/amoxicillin/amoxicillin-and-rashes/