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Maddie-girl turns 4!

Dear sweet Maddie-girl,

Today was your 4th birthday.  I almost didn't write this post because I didn't want to admit to myself you were really 4.  Four just sounds so old
Sometimes I read back over old blog posts and shake my head in wonder at the girl you have become.  From the chubby little baby I brought home from the hospital,

to the crazy-haired toddler stumbling around in your pink, zippered blanket,

to the babbling child,

and now, here you are... 

You are tall, spunky, sweet as pie one minute and raging mad the next.  You are a perfectionist, lining up all your plastic dolls and animals just so.  You are an artist, constantly creating new masterpieces to decorate our bedrooms.  You are enamored with the Power Rangers.  You are in love with ponies and horses.  You are apparently a perfect angel at school.

God made you with sugar and lots of spice, my dear.  I used to be concerned that being the middle child, your voice might not be heard at times.  Silly me!  You have very strong opinions and have no trouble making them known. 

This year I have had the privilege of watching you blossom in so many ways. You have learned to share.  You have allowed Jack into your room (this is a biggie).  You have shown tremendous empathy for others and exhibit a servant's heart at times.  It warms my heart to watch you grow.

I love you so much, little big girl.  Happy birthday my Maddie-girl!

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