When your daily activities are in concert with your highest priorities, you have a credible claim to inner peace. – Hyrum Smith



I smiled to myself as I descended the stairs.  I was watching Aaron head down the hallway toward the kids' rooms with some beloved items in tow.

Teddy, Strawberry, and Bink.  They are our family's must-haves right now. 

Teddy is a raggedy old bear I won for Parker in a Red Robin claw machine years ago.  Since that time, he has moved cross-country with us, always safely tucked under Parker's arm (or sometimes hidden away in his school backpack).  Teddy is his faithful sleeping companion and playmate.

Then, of course, there's Strawberry.  I believe I've posted about this particular blanket before.  She used to be a beautiful, fluffy pink thing, embroidered with strawberries.  Maddie has had her since birth.  Any attempts at buying a back-up Strawberry would surely be met with disaster, as she is now gray and holey.  Strawberry is the secret-keeper.  She is the fort-maker, the make-shift doll, the best friend, all in one.  A night without Strawberry is incomprehensible.

Finally, Bink.  What a love-hate relationship this pacifier and I have!  I tried to get rid of it too early, I'm afraid.  Then the thumb-sucking began.  So, I brought it back from the dead (or rather, the baby bin in the basement).  Now, when it falls out of Jack's drooling little mouth in the middle of the night, oh the wailing that ensues!  If I were to take it away now, Jack's frantic cries of "Bink!  Bink!" might just send me over the edge.  So Bink is here to stay...for now.

My heart is filled with pure joy at the thought of the importance of these simple, little items in our world right now.  I know that one day they'll be replaced with other things, cell phones, Ipads, who knows what else.  So, for the moment, I'll enjoy the simplicity of our treasured creature comforts and pray they don't change too soon. 

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