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Sweet girl

Dear Maddie,

Sometimes I wish I had a video camera permanently attached to my body.  I witness such sweet, tender moments between you and your brothers; I wish the whole world could see them.  They make my heart swell with joy and admiration.

Today, as I was doing some yard work, I watching you and Jack out of the corner of my eye.  You were such a mother hen.  You constantly brought him toys, blankets, even a pillow.  You asked him questions, and though his answers seemed unintelligible to me, it didn't deter you from trying to make conversation with him.  "Do you like the red ball, Jack?"  "Do you want your blankie?"  "Wait here and I'll get your binky."  "Good boy, Jack!"

You held his hand, helped him into the wagon, and played beauty shop on his head with water from the kiddie pool and a comb.

He adored your attention and care.  He followed you everywhere and obeyed your instructions with a huge grin on his face. 

I'm writing this in careful detail because I want you to know that you did, indeed, love each other.  I have no misconceptions about your development.  I realize that when the teenage years hit (or likely, sooner), there will be times when you two will not be able to stand the sight of each other. 

However, in the meantime, I intend to soak up these precious moments and record them for posterity.

I'm so proud of you, sweet girl.


The Amazing Traveling RFC

You read that right.  Traveling.  And I don't mean on vacation.  (We haven't been able to afford one of those in years!)  I mean moving.  Again.

We are headed to Dallas!  Yippee ki-yay, my friends.  (I bet you thought I'd be writing another phrase beginning with "m" and "f".  Sheesh!  Keep it clean, folks; this is a family blog!)

Wait a minute...Didn't we just move back "home" [to Louisville] a few short years ago?  To be closer to family and to reconnect with old friends?  Don't we love our new friends, church, kids' school, etc.?  Soooo, why are we moving again?

Believe me, I've been praying and asking myself that same question. 

This is all I can come up with:  We were made this way.  By God's grace, two kids from a great hometown found each other and fell in love.  Over they years they discovered they both liked to travel.  A lot.  They even liked to relocate.  Frequently.  While they loved their families and hometown very much, their wanderlust remained unchanged.  They even daydreamed about the mission work they might be a part of when the kids were grown and gone.  Then, when God opened a new door for them in Dallas, it fanned the flames of an old desire (living abroad), and they jumped at the chance.

See, Dallas is hopefully just the beginning.  It's the international headquarters for Aaron's work.  After his assignment there, we might have the chance to live overseas.  Can you imagine?  We could be doing mission work right now...with the kids!  I know that sounds nuts to some folks.  Especially folks with little kids.  But to us, it sounds like one heck of an adventure!  What an amazing way to introduce our kids to this great big awesome world!

So buckle up, because it's time for this circus to hit the road!