When your daily activities are in concert with your highest priorities, you have a credible claim to inner peace. – Hyrum Smith


Mommy Tantrum

"Please stop making messes!  Please stop making messes!"  I shouted/sobbed, as I frantically rocked a screaming one year old a bit too vigorously on the couch.  Tears streamed down my cheeks.  The older two children stood timidly at the edge of the living room, watching mommy fall apart.

Yeah, I'm sure it's totally realistic for me to beg a 6 year old, 4 year old, and almost 2 year old to not make messes.  May as well request they stop breathing.

Rewind 1 hour.  Sweep the kitchen floor for the 3rd time today.  Warn eldest son not to walk about with a pop-up tunnel over his head.  "But mom, I'm just..." Crash!  Tiny shards of glass from the glass he just knocked off the counter sail across the floor.  "Don't move anyone!"  Sweep again.

Mop the floor.  Attempt to be a fun-loving, spur-the-moment mommy.  Allow kids to choose dinner and help cook (since Daddy called at 3:30 to say he wouldn't be home until after bedtime.  Um, did I mention I'm due with our fourth child in 2 weeks?  Just sayin'.).  The kids want pancakes with sprinkles?  Fine.  When we finish, a fine layer of pancake mix covers the counters and floor.

Sweep floor again.  Turn back back to rinse dishes in the sink.  "Mommy, Maddie used too many sprinkles!"  [Read: Mommy, Maddie dumped an entire jar of sprinkles on our plates, the table, the floor...].

Sweep floor again.  Sit to eat.  Jack finishes first.  "Oops!"  He's climbed out of his chair and taken the lid off his sippy cup, spilling an entire cup of milk on the floor and into the pop-up tunnel (still in the kitchen for some reason).

Mop floor (alternating between ranting and praying aloud).  Jack slips on wet floor and lands flat on his back, smacking his head on the tile.  Screaming ensues.

And now we have arrived at the mommy tantrum.  Screaming, crying, rocking a crying child.  I can't blame the kids.  They are just being kids.  Even the pregnancy plays a role in the fatigue/raging hormones/mood swings, etc.

I decided to write this blog post tonight because I want my kids, heaven forbid they remember this time, to at least understand a bit about why their mommy seemed so crazy and moody.  I love you kids so much it hurts, and I'm on my way into your rooms now to kiss your sweet (sleeping) faces!



Dear Caleb,

I'm sorry I haven't written to you sooner, little one.  Believe me, you are on my mind all the time!  Much has happened in our family since we discovered you would be joining the circus...birthdays, a move to Texas from Kentucky, a trip to Virginia, you name it!  Even with all of that activity, YOU are the most highly anticipated, main event in our family.  We simply cannot wait to meet you!

All of your siblings are excited about your arrival.  Even Jack lifts my shirt and pats "baby Cay-wib." While Maddie was initially disappointed she would not be having a baby sister, she quickly settled into her role as our "only pretty princess," and now she can't wait to push you in the stroller (since Jack screams bloody murder whenever she attempts to wheel him around).  Parker is convinced you will come out ready to wrestle and join "the boys' team."

From the moment we knew you were growing inside of me, I've felt as if our family was complete.  I get tearful just thinking about holding you in my arms.  Precious child, you are so loved already!

See you soon, Caleb!