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Dear Caleb,

I'm sorry I haven't written to you sooner, little one.  Believe me, you are on my mind all the time!  Much has happened in our family since we discovered you would be joining the circus...birthdays, a move to Texas from Kentucky, a trip to Virginia, you name it!  Even with all of that activity, YOU are the most highly anticipated, main event in our family.  We simply cannot wait to meet you!

All of your siblings are excited about your arrival.  Even Jack lifts my shirt and pats "baby Cay-wib." While Maddie was initially disappointed she would not be having a baby sister, she quickly settled into her role as our "only pretty princess," and now she can't wait to push you in the stroller (since Jack screams bloody murder whenever she attempts to wheel him around).  Parker is convinced you will come out ready to wrestle and join "the boys' team."

From the moment we knew you were growing inside of me, I've felt as if our family was complete.  I get tearful just thinking about holding you in my arms.  Precious child, you are so loved already!

See you soon, Caleb!

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