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Another time around the sun

Dearest Jack,

It is nearly impossible for me to believe you have taken 2 trips around the sun with us.  Wasn't it just yesterday you were growing inside of me, and I was writing a love letter to you, dreaming of the day you would arrive?

You are a huge toddler now...not quite a baby but not yet a big boy.  There are so many little things about you that I have the pleasure of seeing and hearing every day.  I know how quickly these things will change.  I want to take a moment to capture my amazing 2 year old boy, just as you are...

You are wild and crazy and full of life and laughter.  You jump right in the fray when Parker and Maddie wrestle.  You refuse to give up your binky, and when we take it away, you simply suck your thumb.  You curl up into my lap and lay your head on my shoulder when you need a cuddle.  You insist I sing "Wock a baby!" [Rock-a-bye Baby] when you are hurt.  Every night when it's time for family devotions you consistently pray for ants.  You substitute "uh" for "I want" when making requests (e.g. "Uh milk!")  You demand bandaids for non-existent injuries several times a day.  Rain boots are your favorite shoes.  You call Parker "Parter" and Maddie "Masin Eclair" (Madison Claire).  You are the most polite of all our children, always saying "Fank oo" (thank you) when given anything.  You frequently hurt others unintentionally by waving sticks, plastic bats, spatulas, etc. around, but you are quick to apologize ("Forry!")  You have trouble with many consonants, including "s" which comes out as "th."  It's super-cute when you smile for a picture and say "Cheeth!"  You have a huge grin, lots of teeth, and ears I trust you will grown into one day.  Your big, blue eyes rimmed with thick, dark lashes are going to make the girls swoon one day.  You are still in diapers because my favorite window of opportunity [22 months] for potty-training a child came and went while I was huge and pregnant and too tired to chase you around with a potty seat.

You love your siblings, and are surprisingly gentle with Caleb.  I catch you lying on his activity mat with him, stroking his head or simply placing your cheek against his.

I am in awe of the little person you are becoming.  You are smart, funny, energetic, and stubborn as a mule.  You will always be my Jacky-Jack, my Moonschoo, my favorite middle son.  I love you to the moon and back, Jack.

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