When your daily activities are in concert with your highest priorities, you have a credible claim to inner peace. – Hyrum Smith



Ah my Maddie-deez,

That's what we call you.  Or sometimes just Deezer.  I'm not sure how you acquired that nickname, but it's yours.  Uniquely Maddie.

I am certain every mother considers her daughter special, somehow different from the rest.  And I am no exception.  I believe you are the loveliest, brightest, sweetest girl on the planet.  I wish I could capture your essence in words or even pictures, but I know they will fall woefully short.  Still, being that it is your 5th birthday, I feel compelled to try…

This is an age of baby dolls and Barbies, of Polly Pockets and princesses.  It is a time for darling mispronunciations (e.g. renimber for remember and aminal for animal).  It is a time for tears when you fear you have been left out, for shy moments behind my legs at birthday parties, for storytelling, for singing, and dancing, always dancing.  Pictures have become recognizable, and reading and writing have begun.  Suddenly matching colors has taken on tremendous importance (often resulting in monochromatic outfits).  Messy tangles have been replaced with neatly combed hair, complete with coordinating hair bows (Momma thought she would never see the day!).  Days are filled with magical discoveries, like tiny snails peeking out of miniature shells, rabbits hiding under the trampoline, the busy inner workings of an ant hill opened with a stick.  Anything involving glitter, glue, paint or stickers is worthy of an excited squeal.  Mothering younger brothers is a source of great pride, as is any attention received by a much idolized older brother.  Daddy's daily homecoming elicits shouts of joy, running feet, and lots of hugs.  Preschool Bible verses are memorized with ease, and praise songs are always on your lips.  Hugs, kisses, and cuddles are freely given.

Maddie, in short, you are my angel.  You are one of the biggest blessings I have ever received.  I can't imagine life without you.  It's hard to believe you have only been with us for 5 years.  You have lived in my heart for a lifetime.

Happy birthday, Deezer.  Mommy loves you!