When your daily activities are in concert with your highest priorities, you have a credible claim to inner peace. – Hyrum Smith



"Guess what we found?  Guess what we found?" Parker and Maddie shouted as they burst through the bathroom door.  Who needs privacy?

"What?" I asked with mock excitement.  No need to burst their bubble.

Parker held in his palm four long, shiny, golden bolts.  The bolts to Parker and Jack's new [new to us] bunk bed.  The same bolts that had been missing since the day we brought the thing home.  Two weeks ago.

"Yay!!!!" I shrieked and danced around with them.  "Where were they?"

"In my puzzle box, in my room," Maddie beamed.

"How did they get there?"

"I saw them on the counter, and I reached up and took them.  Then I put them in my room.  'Cause they were gold and shiny!"

I see.

And I really do see.  My kids are obsessed with treasure.  We love to play pirates and search for buried treasure.  We read books about knights slaying dragons and taking their hoards of gold.  I admit I shamelessly encourage this obsession.  In fact, we are transforming the bunk beds to look like a castle and painting a picture of a treasure map on Parker's old table.  I even bought an old steamer trunk on Craigslist (at $20 - what a steal!) to serve as his toy storage/treasure chest.

So can I be mad at Maddie for stealing my treasure?  After I've searched for it in every nook and cranny for over two whole weeks?  After I berated myself for always losing things?  After I'd finally located the manufacturer in Canada to inquire about extra bolts?

Well, no.  I can't.  Because she was just doing what any good pirate would do - stowing away her booty.  That's my girl!