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My Godmother

I have the most amazing godmother.  She is my Aunt Joyce, mother of five boys (men, now), grandmother to 17 (I think that's right?) grandchildren, sister to my mother, and one of the most humble and godly women I know.

With all of those primary relationships drawing her time and attention away, she still manages to send me cards and packages…and has since I was a baby.  She has never missed a birthday or anniversary.  She sends books to my children with poignant quotes handwritten in the covers.  She sends Easter eggs filled with money for the kids when she knows we won't make it the family Easter gathering because we've moved…again.

She has undoubtedly crossed out and rewritten our address in her address book [she refuses to buy or use a computer of any sort] multiple times.  She saves Buckeyes for Aaron at Christmas because she knows they're his favorite (and even gave me her treasured recipe so I can make them for him when we aren't in at Christmas).

She sends clippings of my picture in the paper that are nearly 20 years old.  She keeps treasures such as these and sends them at just the right moment.  When new moves are on the horizon.  When I am feeling a bit untethered to the world.  When I need a reminder that there are ties that bind me to this place, this family.

She saves books and toys that belonged to my dear Grandmother.  She shares some with me, so that I may share them with my dear ones.  It makes my heart swell and tears fall.  She is our record keeper, our memory saver.

I am a godmother myself now.  I think of my sweet godson all the time.  I am not nearly as good as Aunt Joyce in all the ways I have described above.  I hope that the years will improve my skills at this noble task.  I pray with all my heart that I will one day be half the godmother to my godson as dear Aunt Joyce is to me.

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