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Happy happy birthday, Baby!

Dear Caleb,

My darling little momma's boy, happy first birthday to you!  Oh sweet child, how you take my breath away when I look into your huge baby blues.  When your coy little grin appears behind the thumb tucked in your mouth, my heart just melts.  You are all cuddles and hugs and open mouth kisses.  You are chubby knees and wobbly steps.  You are belly laughs and long lashes.  You are cotton candy hair and handfuls of dirt.

You are mine, you are mine, you are mine.  That is what I think to myself as I rock you in the early morning hours.  I can hardly believe I have been chosen to be your momma.  How is this angel mine?  I don't even mind that you wake me at 6 A.M. every single day.  It is our special time, before any of your siblings are awake.  You have your bottle, then rest your tiny head on my shoulder and snuggle deep into my arms and even deeper into my heart.  We read a few books, tickle, and giggle.  You are the best alarm clock I've ever had.

You are the easiest baby on the planet.  You entertain yourself with toys or pots and pans or toilet paper (*sigh*).  You watch your siblings and roll around on the floor with them like a little puppy.  You are content to go anywhere at any time, so long as you can be held by momma.  The baby carrier is your second home.  Nothing quite compares to feeling you drift off into sleep on my back, warm and snug, snoring softly.

I cannot imagine our lives without you.  To be honest, we weren't sure we could handle four children.  When I had Parker, I was pretty sure I wasn't qualified to handle even one!  But you are the perfect addition to our family, the missing puzzle piece.

You are our little baby Cay-Cay, little baby Coo-Coo, Cay-bub, Wayleb.  I am so excited to watch you grow, and so blessed to call you son.  Happy first birthday little man!

Psalm 127:4-5  

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