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Around the world in 80 days

Okay, maybe not around the whole world, but at least around some of it.  I have decided rather than having a pity party for myself because it's hard to get around with all my little monkeys, I would put a positive spin on things and write about/post pictures about all the new things we discover.  My goal is to discover 1 new thing every day for the next 80 days and document it here.  I'm sure this largely visual journey will be interspersed with my reflections about faith, culture, and family, and I will also do birthday posts, but the vast majority of the next few months of posts will be short, sweet snapshots of our new life.

I actually started yesterday...We visited Chinatown!  Parker and Maddie were in school.  I strapped Caleb on my back, put Jack in the umbrella stroller, and away we went!  When I realized I would have to cross that horrible intersection (the one with no elevators and the vast underground mall), I almost bagged the whole mission.  I'm so very glad I didn't.  The mall isn't so bad, as long as you ask for directions at every kiosk.  We even stopped and played at the interactive wall.  (I will try to post a video of that at some point.) 

We found the right bus stop, I breathed a sigh of relief and unstrapped Caleb.  Just as I opened our crackers and juice, the bus arrived.  AGH!  I gathered Caleb in one arm, the stroller in the other, and shouted for Jack to climb aboard.  I had no idea what to do.  I had heard you could use the same cards for the bus as the subway, but I couldn't make the darn thing work.  I tried to ignore the stares of the other passengers as the driver shouted instructions I couldn't understand.  I finally deciphered that he was telling me to take the card from its sleeve.  Swipe, sigh, into the nearest seat we sank.

A sweet, elderly woman moved across the aisle so she could chat with us.  She told me the best stop to take for Chinatown (there are 3 or 4).  She rang the bell, took Jack by the hand, and helped us off the bus.  

It was gorgeous!  Hanging, decorative flowers, yummy fried rice and egg custard, beautiful temples, and sweet people stopping to touch Caleb's hair and stroke Jack's cheek.  Can't wait to return with the other kiddos!


  1. You are learning so much of Singapore this way! PS I did a similar album but on FB :) My friends loved it and I felt bad I couldn't keep it up. Eventually vacation ended and real life began, I think 80 days is a realistic goal!