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Day 2 - Botanic Gardens

Today we were off on another adventure. It is so strange living downtown in a big city.  Some cities are described as concrete jungles.  Here you have a mix of concrete and actual jungle.  It is stunning!  Today we decided to explore the very large, very beautiful Botanic Gardens, a short 15 minute walk from our temporary housing.  

We were nearly there when I ran into a roadblock of sorts.  Construction was ahead.  Metal fences flanking the sidewalk warned: Danger: Keep Out - Work in Progress.  A huge truck seemed to block the walkway.  I stood there trying to figure out what to do.  "Well crud!"  No way around this one; we were next to a giant road, multiple lanes in both directions with a median.  Suddenly a woman pushing a stroller emerged from behind the truck on the temporary wooden sidewalk.  Woohoo!

We continued on our merry way and weren't disappointed.  We had never been to this part of the gardens...shaded paths, bright, colorful flowers, a huge lake with swans, fish, and turtles, rolling grassy hills, pavilions, towering palms, tropical trees covered in vines, waterfalls.  It was gorgeous!

It felt oddly familiar, like Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville or Ault Park in Cincinnati or Hanna Park in Jacksonville.  It was so spacious!  I could breathe again. I didn't realize how claustrophobic I had been feeling in the city.  It was good for my soul and great for my boys.  

Jack and Caleb had a ball!  Chasing pigeons, running down hills, touching waterfalls.  I hope we can return soon!

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