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Day 3 - Lunch with Daddy

Caleb was in a fresh diaper and in my arms, ready to be lowered into the stroller when my phone rang.  We were just about to explore a specialty grocery store when Aaron invited us to join him for lunch.  It was a no-brainer.  He's been working late, and the kids and I missed him.  We've always met him at the office and gone to lunch when we could...in Seattle, Louisville, Dallas.  Why not Singapore?  (Now we know why not Singapore, but this morning at 11, we did not.)
"Just take a cab," Aaron suggested.  Trying desperately to retain some shred of frugality in this ridiculously expensive city, I shrugged off his suggestion.  "We can just take the MRT (subway); the boys are already set to go.  See you in a half hour."

I strapped Caleb in the baby carrier, a backpack on my back, and Jack in the umbrella stroller.  Away we went.  Busy city streets.  Down two sets of escalators ("Hop out, Jack!", fold the stroller, "Hold my hand!", down we go!) Through the tunnel.  Into that monstrous underground mall.  Through the subway gates.  Down another escalator (Repeat scenario above.). Onto the first train.  I won't bore you with all the details.  One more train and a million escalators and stairways later...we emerge into daylight.  

A few short blocks to Daddy's work.  Another few to the bridge allowing us to cross over the major road.  Up 3 flights, over, down. 

Food!  We ate in a huge food court inside the KK Women and Children's Hospital near* Aaron's work.  (I am learning *near is a relative term.). It was yummy!  We tried different noodles and sauces with chicken.  Caleb's favorite is still rice.  He wore most of it.  Afterward, I let him play in the kids' area while daddy took Jack for a special cupcake treat.  

Lunch was over way too soon.  Aaron had a meeting, so he walked us back across the bridge, and we decided to skip the escalators and wait for a bus.  It took us home in a very roundabout way, but we were able to see some of the city.

Whew!  Next time we'll take a cab!

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