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Day 6 - East Coast Park

Aaron's company held a carnival to support the World Hunger Relief Program at a place called Big Splash at the East Coast Park today.  It was beautiful!  

We never saw the water park.  We knew Caleb wouldn't last long in the heat.  (Sure enough he was beet red in no time despite keeping him in the shade, hydrated, with a cooling towel around his shoulders.).  We stuck to the carnival - kite painting, dunking booth, balloon swords/guns/flowers, bouncy house, yummy food (Caleb loved the spring rolls!).  

We flew the kites in the field between the carnival and the sea.  Then the the older kids played in the Singapore Strait while super dad strolled Caleb (and the balloons and the kites and the leftover food and drinks) in the shade of the huge trees.  It was so neat to look out over the water and see huge cargo ships.  A perfect day...until it was time to leave, at which point everything and everyone fell apart.  Shocking, I know.

Despite the ugly exit, I'm certain we'll return.  Great park!

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