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Days 4 and 5 - play dates!

I'm already falling down on the job of  photographing our adventures.  In my defense, Parker and Maddie have been off school the last two days, and it is rather hard, not to mention unsafe, to snap shots when you are driving or trying to help a bunch of kids cross a busy road.

That said, I did snap the shot below waiting at the world's longest traffic light.  Notice the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car.  Still getting used to that!  We were heading home from dropping Parker off at his first official Singapore play date.  It was with his "new best friend," Shin Hwe.  (Don't fret, Texas buddies!  Parker finds new best friends wherever we move, but he doesn't forget his old ones.  Just ask his best buds in Louisville!).  

I didn't notice much on the way, as my ears were straining to hear the GPS and my knuckles were turning white from my death grip on the steering wheel.  However, on the way home, I relaxed a bit and got my bearings.  I only got stuck in the roundabout for one full circle before I managed to escape.  Not too bad!

On day 5 we joined our new friends, Eelin and Deepti (and their daughters) on an excusion to visit a mall that sold books and art supplies.   Maddie was in hog heaven.  We bought some cheap used books and modeling clay.   It was fun but very hot.  The building had an open atrium design, and by lunchtime we were all ready for some airconditioning.  We walked to another mall with a huge indoor food court and had a delicious lunch.  One short train ride and we were home.  All in all, a very successful outing!

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