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Bali Part II - The hotel

We arrive at our hotel nearly an hour after we'd left the airport.  I spot Aaron getting out a cab just in front of us.  Hallelujah!  Aaron made our reservations, and whoa - did he do a good job!  The place is called The Mansion, and that's just what it felt like.  It was like something out of a movie…I was certain our kids would destroy it in no time.  But of course, my amazing Type-A hubby had done his research to find the most family-friendly place on the planet.  Lots of kids, super-friendly staff, and limited breakable items in our rooms (plural because due to our family size, we had to book two).  

The kids were in hog heaven.  They actually requested to bathe because the bathtubs were so glamorous and huge.  One room was on the top floor of the main house, past a chess table (where Parker challenged us to innumerable games) and a up a curved staircase.  The other was just down a stone paved path, right next to 3 pools and a lily pond where frogs sang to us in the morning. 

(I didn't take nearly enough photos.  The pictures I took of the hotel were mainly taken during the night when the kids were asleep, and I could explore on my own.)

These were taken in front of the hotel.

As you get closer to the entrance...

And closer...

 All the statues lining the walk made me feel like I was in a museum (okay, an Indian Jones movie if I'm really being honest here…just waiting to trip a booby trap and watch a poison dart shoot out of this guy's mouth).

The entrance hall

Up we go...

Looking back down, you can see they still have a Christmas tree up.  They were playing White Christmas on the speakers…I recognized the tune but not the language.

Portrait of a traditional Balinese dancer.

Our room upstairs.

Luckily Aaron took some pictures of our other room, which was really its own little cabana.
The lily pond [death trap] just outside the door that lead to some pools.

The inside of the cabana...

The magical tub (in that the kids actually wanted to bathe for once).

This picture of the master bed do not do this place justice!  It was gorgeous.  There were sheer, colorful curtains and canopies everywhere.  Maddie was in hog heaven!

Now on to the pools.  There were about ten, all very different, down paths overhung with vines and bananas, through stone archways, along mossy stone sidewalks.  I didn't get a single picture of them!   Maybe it was because I was too busy having a ball with the kids.  We swam and napped, watched cartoons and played chess, snacked, took long baths in the giant tubs, ate, and swam some more.  

Lucky for me, Aaron did take some shots….

Next stop…Monkey Forest and The Elephant Safari Park!


  1. Looks like paradise! And the bath tub!!!

  2. Looks glorious! That bathtub looks straight out of "Game of Thrones"! :)