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Catching Up - unrecorded travels

Aaron and I just celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary (and by "celebrated," of course I mean we spent time ALONE - away from all our lovely little monkeys).  As much as I missed the kids, this time was invaluable.  We could do all those gross and boring things grown-ups do when they are away from kids...snuggle in bed without little elbows pushing us apart, hold hands, kiss, talk, etc.  Grammy was home holding down the fort with the help of our amazing helper, and we were in the most beautiful place on earth (which deserves and will get its own blog post at a later date). There, in the comfort of our room, suspended inches from the ocean, I could think.  We could dream.

We dreamt about the future and reflected on the past.  We told stories we've told a thousand times, laughing at all the familiar places.  We shook our heads in amazement of our fabulous kids, grateful for the opportunity to walk alongside them as they grow.  We thanked God for our health, our family, our love.

We found ourselves talking about the amazing adventures we've taken in the last 10 months.  What a whirlwind!  I realized that there are a number of trips we'd taken around Asia that I had never recorded.  Some took place right when we arrived (when my world was turned upside down and I couldn't seem to string a sentence together), some later in the year when we were busy with the daily grind of school and work.

This trip was the perfect time to jot a few notes and share a few pictures.  I was thankful Aaron, with his often annoyingly accurate memory, was there beside me to help fill in all the details...

We arrived in Singapore in September 2015.  After spending 5 weeks in temporary housing, we moved into our home on Maddie's birthday, October 30th.  That same day, Grammy (Susie) arrived to help us unpack.

The following links will take you to our Asian adventures thus far:

Legoland - Johor Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia

Ubud, Bali

Hanoi & Halong Bay, Vietnam

Beijing, China & the Great Wall 

Taipei, Taiwan


  1. I love seeing and hearing about all your trip! Your experience over there is priceless!

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback, Nancy! Glad you are keeping up with our adventures! Miss you guys!!