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Siem Reap, Cambodia - Part 2 Ta Prohm

The second stop on our temple tour was Ta Prohm.  This place was like something out of a movie.  Well, actually it was in a movie…Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Visiting here felt like stepping back in time.  It would be easy to imagine you were the first to discover this vine-covered temple.  You follow a wide, stone path dominated by enormous trees with sprawling roots toward the decrepit structure.  The way the jungle twists and curls around the stones,  you almost have the feeling it is trying to pull the building down into the center of the earth, angry for having been trespassed upon in the first place.  It is enchanting and foreboding all at once.

Note: Check out the Stegosaurus bas-relief (carving).  Interesting stuff!  Scroll down to picture with caption.
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Because it seems totally safe and responsible to parade your family of small children through a crumbling temple where giant stones litter the hallways...

Can you see the woman staring out from the roots?  Spooky!

Do I spy a Stegosaurus???

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