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Happy birthday, little man

Dear Jack,

Son, I wish I could type the words that would capture your spirit, and wrestle it onto this post, frozen for all eternity, so that anyone who read it would marvel at you the way I do.  But how does one bottle a giggle or trap a devilish grin?  Who is privy to hushed conversations shared with invisible super-heroes?  Who understands the sweetness of a forbidden thumb?  No camera has adequately recorded the sparkle in your big, round, blue eyes, peeking out from long, dark lashes.  No video, the skip in your step.  

One of my biggest fears is forgetting.  Forgetting the softness of your cheek on my skin, as your curl up next to me in the big green chair where we read about ninjas and dinosaurs and cars.  The silky, springy texture of your hair as my lips kiss the top of your head.  The chubby fingers wrapped around mine as we walk down stairs.  You no longer need my hand for balance.  You choose my hand, and my heart melts, and my eyes leak.

I am excited about this year.  We will begin homeschooling.  I've never been a teacher, and you've never been a student.  We will learn and grow together, you and I.  That's one of the things I love most about you, Jacky-Jack...Though you are my third child, you are constantly teaching me new things about myself and parenting (namely that I still don't know what I'm doing!).  You keep me on my toes.  Whether you are jumping into the deep end of the pool, throwing a massive temper tantrum in an ancient temple, or surprising me with an unsolicited kiss, you are teaching me to expect the unexpected and to live in the moment.

I love you to bits, sweet boy.  Happy 4th birthday!


P.S. This post was quite late this year...I was waiting for the perfect picture, and I think I found it, little monkey!

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