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My Girl

Maddie's language is exploding these days. She says some of the funniest things! Perhaps it's not what she says that'so funny; it's that tiny, lisping voice that parrots absolutely everything she hears that makes me laugh. I just love listening to her speak...or try to.

Juice is joosh.
Wash is watch.
Elephant is eh-fent.
Soap is taupe.
Spider is cider.
Sometimes she sounds so grown-up when she strings her words together.

When we are driving in the car, she often says, "Daddy, ton it up, pwease." (turn up the radio)
When she is attacking me (play-fight), she says, "Take that, Mommy!" (a direct quote from her brother)
When she is getting dressed, getting into the car, brushing her teeth, you name it, she will quickly turn away from an offer of help and say, "No! Maddie do it!"

The other day I came home from an outing, to find Aaron asleep on the couch and Maddie shrieking, "Dadda! Dadda!" from her crib upstairs. I ran up the steps and burst into her room. There she stood in only a tee-shirt, holding a diaper toward me.
"What happened?" I asked, my eyes quickly scanning the crib for signs of a blow-out.
"Uh-oh. Maddie took it off! [pause] Oh dear. Oh dang it!" I laughed so loudly, I was afraid I would wake Parker from his nap. We giggled all the way downstairs.

My favorite thing she says (by far) is "Wuv oo, mommy." Are there any sweeter words?

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