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Demon Doll

Well, okay, it's not exactly demonic, but it is the most annoying toy I have ever encountered (which is saying a lot considering I have three children who have so many toys it looks like Toys"R"Us threw up in our basement).

The toy about which I am writing is a cheerleading baby doll with a redneck accent. Its one bum eyelid combined with Maddie's salon-quality hairstyling have made it look quite creepy. Think Chuckie meets Toddlers and Tiaras, and you get the general idea. Even more disturbing than its appearance are its cheers. Hearing a small child's twangy voice shout semi-provocative cheers is just, well, disturbing.

Click on the link below to see a video of this little monster in action.

EW! What kind of creep wants to see a baby cheerleader "wiggling" anything?

In the video you may have noticed that the doll has small blue dots on her shoes and belly which you can press to activate different cheers. Recently the cousins (who so graciously gave us this offensive little gem) were at the house and showed Maddie that by pressing the palms of the doll's hands, you can hear two additional cheers. Oh goody.

Both of my kids love this thing. I don't get it. Perhaps it is because it is a hand-me-down from their beloved cousins. Perhaps it is just because my children tend to gravitate toward loud, obnoxious toys. I don't know. I suppose what they say about misery loving company is true, because I must admit, I am hoping my sister-in-law will one day have a baby girl...Then she, too, will experience the joy this doll brings to a home.

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