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Parker has a lot of stuff. He is very blessed to have generous friends and family. Our toy room is quite full. I have tried hard to instill in him a sense of gratitude. I have told him [true] stories of children I've known who have never received new toys or who have never had any toys at all. Blame the social worker in me, but I think he needs to understand just how good he's got it!

Tonight we were discussing his upcoming birthday party. I asked him if he thinks he will get lots of toys.
He replied, "Yeah! And then I will give some of them to the kiddos who have none toys, and they can keep them forevuh!"

I got a little misty. I said, "Well, Bud, how about we go through your old toys, and you can pick out a few to give away?"

He paused. "Okay, but not my light-up sword or the tool belt Grammy gave me."

Me: Okay...

Parker: We could give them this [pointing to a plastic bowl].

Me: No, I think a toy would be better.

Parker: We could give them this [smiling devilishly and pointing to a half-eaten animal cracker].

Me: [losing that warm, fuzzy feeling] That's not a toy.

Parker: Sure it is! See! Doo-to-doo-to-doo! [picking it up and dancing it around the table].

I suppose the moment of generosity had passed. Sweet while it lasted!

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