When your daily activities are in concert with your highest priorities, you have a credible claim to inner peace. – Hyrum Smith



Today was Parker's 3rd birthday. Third birthday! How did that happen? Where is the screaming infant I brought home from the hospital, the drooling, smiley baby staring at me from the Bumbo seat, the speed-crawler, the stair-master, the grinning, wobbly tot pushing a walker, the toddler?

Who is this big boy in his bed? With the long feet and skinny legs? Who is this little person talking to me in run-on sentences about the galaxy and Neptune and shooting me with pretend lasers?

I snuggled up in bed with him tonight. "Happy birthday," I whispered. I was glad it was dark so he couldn't see the tears streaming down my face. I stroked his cheeks and kissed his soft little forehead. I listened to him prattle on and on about Buzz Lightyear, wondering how much longer this will last, dreading the day when he will turn to me with an exasperated, "Mo-om!" and push my hands away.

Well, at least that's not tonight. And tonight I thank God above for my wonderful little man, my big baby boy, who still lets me kiss his sweet face.

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