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Holy Ghost!

So some time back Parker got spooked. A little girl in our Seattle neighborhood pointed to the woods near our house and said she thought she saw a ghost. He quickly developed a fear of ghosts and woods, both of which we have worked hard to discourage. I have told him there are no such things as ghosts, except for the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. I explained that He is with us all the time to help us and protect us...a good ghost.
I think it's sinking in.

When I woke him from his nap yesterday he sat straight up, his eyes wildly searching the room. Relieved, he sighed and fell back onto his pillow.

Me: What is it honey? Are you okay?
Parker: Yeah. I thought there were ghost-ez in here, but there wasn't...only the Holy Ghost, who speaks quiet and peaceful, like this (unintelligible whispers).
Me: Does He talk to you?
Parker: Yeah, Him and Jesus and God.
Me: When?
Parker: When I'm in my room alone and I get sad and scared when you aren't here.

Very sweet, but also kind of spooky. Wish I could be a bug on a wall!

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  1. I'm certain that children have a much easier time hearing God than we do. Abby is always telling me what she and God talked about.