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Social justice...potty-style

Tonight, during prayers, I asked Parker what he'd like to thank God for today. After a long pause, he enthusiastically responded, "Potties!"

Me: You want to thank Him for the potty?

Parker: Yeah!

Me: Well, okay. You're right. Potties are great things. Not everyone has a potty, so we are very lucky to have one.

Parker: Well, they could just come to our house and use our potty then go back to their own house.

Me: Most people in this country do have potties, but people in some other countries don't.

Parker: Well, they could just buy one.

Me: No, they don't have the money to do that, honey.


Parker: Well, the people who have money should share their money so everyone can have potties.

Well said, little man.

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