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A bad mom

What makes one "a bad mom?"

This is a difficult question. There are but a few obvious answers: abuse, neglect, torture...

My definition has changed over the years. I misjudged many a mommies before I became one. There were the mommies with filthy shoe-less babies, with screaming babies, with candy-eating babies, with sagging diapers babies, etc. I estimated that all of these mommies were somehow incompetent, until I became that mom. Then, there were excus...I mean, explanations for those seemingly irresponsible parenting choices.

I continue to make choices that some might deem questionable. And today the blog is my confessional. I read another mom's blog. Did you know she actually posted a video of her baby chewing on a cord? I laughed out loud. I thought, it's not just me! My kids LOVE cords and wires. So I let them chew on computer cords [that aren't plugged in]. Maddie likes to wear them as necklaces. There, I wrote it! Call CPS if you must!

Know what else? I let Parker carry around a real tape measure that could drop on his toes or cut his finger. I warn him, of course, but seriously, it wouldn't be the end of the world. He loves having the "real thing." I also let him climb fences. I let Maddie cut her food with *gasp* a real butter knife!

I love my kids and supervise them well. I know you moms and dads reading this do the same. But humor me and post your own "confessions," will you?

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