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Heaven, here we come!

We were on our way to Grammy and PawPaw's tonight when we stopped at a railroad crossing.

Parker said, "Mommy, are we going to cross over the train tracks?"

Me: Yes. First, we look both ways to make sure a train is not coming, then we can go across.

Parker: Why?

Me: Well, trains go much faster than cars. They can't stop as easily as we can. So, we have to make sure they aren't coming and then hurry and get across the tracks.

Parker: What would happen if we stopped?

Me: And the train hit us?

Parker: Yeah.

Me: Well...I guess we'd end up going to heaven.


Parker: Where Nick [our deceased cat] is?

Me: Yes....

Parker: Well, think we should do that. I've never been to heaven, so I think we should go there. And I will move all the other dead people out of the way and find Nick and pet him because I really miss him.

How does one explain to a 3 year old that committing suicide by jumping in front of a train in order to pet your dead cat is really not the best option? Perhaps we should look into getting another cat.

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