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The Finger

Dinner was a struggle tonight. See previous posts for examples of mealtime misbehavior.
Tonight, when I corrected Parker, he shouted, "No!"
I explained that telling me "No," while I was correcting him was unacceptable and could lead to a time-out.

When I had to correct him again, he scrunched up his face, thrust his arm toward me and wagged his index finger.
"What does that mean?" I asked.
"It means 'Nope!'" he replied.
I hid my smile and told Aaron he had come up with his own code for telling me "no."

Dinner continued.

"Look! I'm making crumbs!"
Aaron (my husband): "That's it. Time out."
On his way out of the kitchen, Parker glared at me, and gave me the finger again (index, of course).

How am I still the bad guy when dad disciplines???

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