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Paging Grandma

Today, Aaron was chasing me around the house (great example for the kids), and I fell. I hurt my toes and was lying on the floor shouting out my complaints. Parker came over to help ("rescue") me. He began tugging on my arm, but I explained the pain was in my foot.

Parker: Oh, I'll call your mom!
Me (confused): You are going to call my mom?

He ran to his medical tool box and got out his pager. He pressed the button.

Parker: Your mom will come help you.
Me: You are going to call her to make me feel better? Is she coming now?
Parker: No, she'll be here in 3 hours.
Me: 3 hours?
Parker: Yeah. She's in service right now.

Ahh. Now I get it...Just like at church (where they page the parents when the kids need help). Well, mom, I'm waiting.

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