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Only Idiots...

would feed rice consistently and voluntarily to very small children. (Clearly this statement does not apply to parents in countries where it is a staple...Parents whose children are infinitely more proficient at getting it into their mouths than mine are.)

Last night, I convinced myself that leaving a thin covering of rice on my table, chairs and floors was not mere laziness...No! Cleaning up dried rice is much simpler than trying to wipe or sweep up sticky rice. I would sweep it before bed. Then "before bed" became "first thing in the morning." Well, by then I might just as well wait until after breakfast, so I could clean it up with the breakfast mess, right?

Did you know that cooked rice can completely dry out and then get wet and sticky and plump again? It's true! Just follow these simple steps:

Check and see if the coast is clear. (Read: Mom is on the phone in the other room.)
Stand on your chair.
Hold one plastic cup filled with milk as high above the table as you can.
Slap the milk puddle with your hand and joyously proclaim, "I'm making messes! I'm making messes!"


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