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Christmas is cancelled

Well, it almost was.

Tonight we went to the Country Village. It is a collection of shops/boutiques near where we live. Definitely has a country feel, from the kettle corn stand, to the breakfast anytime cafe, to the mini train rides pulled by a tractor. We love it there. Last year, we happened upon a really fun Country Village tradition...Santa descending from the roof of the toy store. He climbed aboard his rickety sleigh (metal frame only) and was pulled by lighted deer, with Rudolph lighting the way. A short cable ride later, he landed just beyond the duck pond amidst a crowd of awestruck children.

This year we arrived early and picked the perfect vantage point. As before, Santa appeared on the store's rooftop and waved to his fans. He climbed aboard his sleigh and began his short ride. As he passed over our heads, we decided to follow him. We migrated toward the pond, where the unthinkable occurred - his sleigh just stopped...right above the water, just a few feet from the surface. The children gasped. The sleigh rocked from side to side as poor Santa held on for dear life. After some shouting, the sleigh began to move backward and upward. They let him go again, and again, he just stopped. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. Maddie was on my shoulders, and I nearly dropped her. Aaron and I couldn't help speculating about poor Santa getting electrocuted in the pond (thanks to the lighted deer), the ensuing chaos, a generation of traumatized children, etc. We were trying to use language above Parker's head, so as not to upset him. As the drama continued (they pulled him back and forth three more times before he finally landed safely on the other side of the pond), we became louder and louder with belly laughs and jokes about Santa's demise.

On the way home, Parker worriedly asked, "Momma, why Santa almost fall in the water?" I explained Santa was a funny guy and was just playing a joke on all of us.
I sure hope he bought it!

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