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Funny Day

All day Parker was saying some pretty funny stuff...

On the way to the gym -
P: I'm so sad, Mommy.
M: Why?
P: Because I left my blankie at home.
M: Oh, I'm sorry bud.
P: Well, maybe some candy or a candy bar might make me feel better.
M: Sorry, we don't have any of that right now.
P: We could stop by Fred Meyer on the way to the gym and get some...Would that be a great idea?
M: No, it wouldn't.
P: Yes it would! Because I love those [candy and candy bars]!!

I am beginning to think he left his blanket at home on purpose in order to get a consolation prize.

Later, I heard a very deep voice from the backseat of the van:
"What would you like for Christmas?"
He had donned the Mr. Potato Head Santa beard (complete with bright red lips). It fit his little head perfectly!
M: Are you Santa?
P: Yes. What would you like?
M: Well, some candy would be nice. Could I have some candy?
P: Of course you may! As soon as we get back, I will go to my toy shop and build some for you!

A few minutes later we were passing a temple.
M: Parker, look at the roof of that building - it's purple!
P: That's odd.
M: Odd? Where did you learn the word 'odd'?
P: I guess I learned it at school.
M: When did you go to school?
P: When I was 4. I'm this many (holding up 10 fingers).
M: I don't remember taking you to school...How did you get there?
P: I drove.

Then tonight I saw him digging way up in his nose.
M: Do you need a tissue? (I was hoping this would be a rhetorical question.)
P: No. These are just pickin' boogers.

As opposed to the blowing kind???

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