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Master Manipulator

Today we went to something called Winterfest in downtown Seattle. Really cool indoor and outdoor event. We saw a huge train set, a children's choir, a giant snow globe, etc. As we were heading out toward the ice skating rink and merry-go-round, Parker started having a meltdown. You know, the kind where he throws his head back so far and his mouth opens so wide he looks like a singing muppet. The tears were rolling and we couldn't make out what he was saying. Aaron looked around, exasperated, and spotted a candy shop.
"Hey Parker, would some cotton candy make you feel better?"
Immediately the tears ceased and his voice returned to normal: "Yes, I think that would make me feel better."

Later at home, Parker nailed Aaron in the head with one of those small, hard bouncy balls.
"Ow! Stop!"
Parker (tearing up): That hurted my feelings when you told me to stop.
Aaron: Well, it hurt my head when you threw it at me!
Parker (still teary): But that hurted my feelings! (pause) Maybe a trip to the movie store might make me feel better. Yup, I think so.

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  1. Jessie - that is absolutely hysterical and exactly how Ethan acts sometimes. The other night, he stepped on my foot HARD. I yelled "Ow" - he started crying. I told him to tell me he was sorry and he couldn't for the tears. I asked what he was crying for and he said "you yelled"...."yeah, cause that hurt. Now apologize."..."then can I have ice cream?" - this is SUCH a fun age.