When your daily activities are in concert with your highest priorities, you have a credible claim to inner peace. – Hyrum Smith



A few days ago, Parker approached our gas fireplace and bent down low. He peered upward and furrowed his brows. He turned to me and said suspiciously, "I don't see a hole."

Me: What do you mean?
Parker: I don't see a hole for Santa to come down.
Me: Well...It may be hard to see.
Parker: But I don't see it!
Me: (Lying) There has to be a hole...That is where the [non-existent] smoke from the [gas] fire goes. It goes up the chimney. It's between the outside of the house and the inside wall...kind of like the tunnel at McDonalds.
Parker: (eyes widening in excitement) Can I climb up it?
Me: No. Only Santa can climb up the chimney.
Parker: Nuh-uh.
Me: Nuh-huh. (Mature, I know.)
Parker: No! That bad guy climbed up it!
Me: What bad guy?
Parker: That bad guy on TV!
Me: Oooohhh....[the Grinch]. Okay, well only that bad guy and Santa can climb up it.


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