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I hate it. With a passion. My mom even bought Parker a book about a boy who was always getting in trouble for whining until he changed his ways. The main character often whines, "But Mo-om!"

Parker has recently been mimicking that character and phrase, using the same annoying inflection I use when I read it to him. (Now I wish we'd never read it.)

Today, after about the 30th "But Mo-om!" I told him I had had enough. If he chose to address me in that tone again I would ignore him completely until he asked correctly. We went over and over this until I was pretty sure it was drilled into his little head.

Tonight, on the car ride to the store, I was recounting to Aaron the day's events. We talked about whining, and I turned to Parker and asked, "What will mommy do, if you say, 'But Mo-om?'"

I sat back proudly, a smug smile on my face, waiting to hear him say, "She'll ignore me."
Without skipping a beat, he exclaimed, "She'll grant my wishes!"

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