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Proud Every Day

Tonight, my husband said that Parker makes him proud every day. This was moments after Parker had tucked us both in. You see, we were supposed to have a date night, but Maddie got sick, so we rented movies instead. As we curled up on the couch with Parker, he jumped up and said, "Oh! I will get blankets for you, too!" He ran into the other room and returned with two blankets. He placed one over me, carefully tucking it under my feet and then did the same for Aaron. He was so meticulous and loving. It brings tears to my eyes.

While Parker was engrossed in the cartoon, Aaron shared another touching story about what happened at the video store. Aaron had promised Parker his own candy and allowed him to hold it. A few minutes later, Aaron looked down at Parker and noticed his arms were filled with boxes of candy. He asked, "What are you doing with all of that, buddy?"
Parker responded matter-of-factly: "It's for the kiddos who don't have any."

We have been talking a lot lately about people in need, and now Parker looks for opportunities to share what he has with others. His Grammy is right...He is an angel.

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